Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first 10K EVER!!!

So on May 1, 2011 I ran my very first 10k..... I was a little less nervous about this run because it was my second run, and I figured I had it all done and I would do fine. I was a little nervous because I did not have running pacer with me to help me through. But I had a goal in mind, and I was determined to reach that goal.                                                            

The night before I laid out all of my clothes, and made sure I had all my things ready to go. I looked at the weather before going to bed that night and things were not looking good and I was kinda sad about that. I laid there in bed for what seemed like FOREVER trying to go to sleep and it just wasn't happening. I tried everything I could to get to sleep. I finally fell asleep about 2am.... I was getting up at 4:30am to get ready to leave for the race. I got up and was very excited to start my day, even with just 2.5 hours of sleep! I drove over to Heather's house to meet up with her and Jenn at 5am and we headed to Irving. It's always an adventure with Heather so I have to tell you all about how we were RIGHT there, by where we were supposed to be, but we couldn't figure that out. We went about 20 minutes out of the way and we were pretty lost. It was kinda nerve racking at the time because we wanted to be there early. It started raining and the weather app was telling up thunderstorms all morning. NOT a way you want to start out a race. We finally made it and in time and with time to kill.

Heather, Jennifer and I put on our trash bags on to help keep us somewhat dry from the rain. Picture below.
We started out and we were doing really good keeping a good pace. It was raining, which was actually kinda discouraging for me. I always want everything to be perfect. I told Heather and Jennifer my new goal was to just finish. I was doubting myself that I'd actually finish in my goal that my awesome coach Lesley set before me. ;-)

We were doing good and we got through the first mile and I was feeling pretty good, passed a water stop and my stinking shoelace came untied.... at this point I was pretty sure the odds were just stacked against me for the day. I quickly tied my shoes and moved on and caught up with the girls. Throughout the race we kept telling each other, we are going pretty fast maybe we should slow it down. I don't think we ever really slowed down though. We kept asking each other if we were all ok and doing good. We felt good so we just kept going. We got to mile 3, and we were doing extremely well, so we just kept trucking it. We talked about walking it for a bit, but we didn't, we just kept going. We decided to stop and walk for a little bit at mile 4, but it wasn't long before we were back at it again.... we saw a water break coming up before we were about to approach a hill, so again we walked for a little bit to save some energy for the last mile and hill we coming up on. We started running and feeling pretty good, we had no idea what our time was, we were guessing through the entire thing. But we felt like we were doing pretty well. Finally, I see the finish line and I take off... Heather and Jenn right behind me. I crossed over and held in the tears, I didn't even look at the time when I finished because in that moment I thought oh my gosh I just ran 10k!!! Holly, the girl who HATES running!!!! We started asking those behind us what their time was so we could figure it out, we didn't want to wait to see if we had reached our goal or not. We took pictures and went to the car because it was starting to rain. After a little while we decided to get back out to go greet our friends running the half. While looking at our times, we found out they had been pulled off the track because a big hail storm was headed straight for us. That was rather disapointing for them.

We looked at our time.... Our goal was 1:11 and 11:30-11:45 minute
Our Actual time:
249 Holly Farrell Royse City  TX 29 49 F 25-29 1:10:46.7 11:25/M
Yeah, we beat our time by a minute.... our normal 10k time during training
was 1:15 WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Oh my gosh, that was one of the best feelings EVER!!!! 
Heather, Jennifer and I in our panchos and trash bags! lol!

Before the Trashbags and before the race!

Lesley (my awesome coach) Jennifer, Me, Heather, and Sherry

Lesley and I (SHE IS SO AWESOME!)
I soooo love RUNNING!!!!

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