Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Miles Small Victory!!

The week I was supposed to start running it iced/snowed for 4 days!!!! That is our cRaZy Texas weather for ya! My kids were out of school for 4 days, I had never seen anything like it in all my life living here. So I didn't get to run. I don't have a treadmill and this Texas Girl was NOT about to run in the freezing temps we were having. I was itching to run though. 

The following week the weather was STILL not looking promising for my run on the day I had scheduled so I decided to run a day earlier. It was still stil freezing so my good friend let me come over and borrow her treadmill so I did turn into a popcicle! It was awesome! It felt so good! I felt like I could run more, so the next time I ran 1.5 miles straight! Oh my goodness it felt great!!!! I still felt like I could keep going so I decided with the approval of my coach to try for 2 miles. I was nervous but I knew I could do it.

The first time I tried 2 miles I failed. I have no idea what happened. I wasn't as hydrated as I needed to be and it was my first run outside w/o using a treadmill. I really beat myself up. I never questioned whether I could do it or not, because I knew I could, I was just disapointed in myself. But I got back up and dusted off my shoes and set my eyes on my goal... 2 miles......

The weather was perfect! It was about 68 or so, wind was blowing, perfect...... and I did it I ran 2 miles without stopping! My legs were hurting and I was sweating like crazy but I didn't care, I DID IT and I was so proud of myself.


Welcome to my running blog!!

First I will introduce myself. I'm Holly, 29 years old been married to the love of my life for almost 11 years. We have four awesome children together!

I first started running to help with getting all this baby weight from my four kids off. After I started I realized that I really enjoyed it. I had finally found something that I felt like I was good at, other than being a mom.

I started out in December 2010 doing Couch to 5K. Let me tell you that December is NOT a good month to start running. I have four kids and my December is jam packed with all kinds of Christmas parties, programs, ect. So I wasn't very successful. I picked it back up in January and did a little better. I needed some more motivation and time. When you have kids it's hard to figure out when you can run. It's still hard but I've got my groove down and somehow I make it work.

At the end of January my awesome friend got her coaching certificate, I immediately emailed her to let her know I wanted her to coach me! I was excited because I knew would be an awesome motivtaor for me and I liked knowing that I have someone to bounce my questions off of. I had a lot of questions when starting out. Plus, she is an awesome friend and runner!!

So there ya go, that is how I got started.