Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soccer Soccer Soccer!!

We are a Soccer family for sure. My husband played soccer when he was younger for many years and he loves the sport. Until last season I had never played a day of soccer in my life. 3 years ago my oldest daughter showed interest in playing so we signed her up. He opted out of signing up to be a coach but after the first game he asked her coach is she needed help coaching, and she said YES..... so that started his coaching career. He never thought he'd coach little girls, but he absoulutely loves it. Now three years and 6 seasons later he is now coaching our two oldest daughters. Our youngest daughter played her first season a year ago and cried the whole season. We didn't think it was for her. But since then she has been talking about playing. So we decided to try it again. She had her first practice last night and she is loving it so far. We'll see how she does at the games though! LOL!! I'm excited!

I played last season with my hubby and this season he talked me into playing for TWO teams..... Can you say CrAzY?!?!?!? So on top of running 3 days a week I will also be soccering two days a week!!!! Some of this weight better start to come off! LOL!!

So we soccer ALLLLL week long!!!! Fun times!

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